How to Motivate Yourself

We all go through a time in our lives when the thought of accomplishing anything simply seems impossible. You know what you need to complete but the steps to achieve it are sometimes confusing and overwhelming? Yeah me too. We all encounter the stump in our lives every now and then. But don’t fret , we can overcome this together! Everyone needs a little boost from time to time, so don’t think you’re in this alone. Below are some of the few techniques I use to gain back my motivation. I am by no means a professional,  but these tips help me on a daily basis, so hopefully they will do the same for you in return.

Set a goal: 

Setting goals seem so cliché, but I promise you it helps. Whenever I lose sight of what I’m working for, it makes it harder for me to actually give my 110% on the specific task. Keeping the ending goal in mind is an automatic reminder to yourself that this is something you WANT to accomplish.

Make a list: 

I’m such a list person. I know this may seem cheesy (my friends remind me on the daily), but it’s beneficial to you in the end. Making lists allows you to visually see the steps you have to take to accomplish your goal. Whenever you complete something and cross it off your list, you visually see how much you are achieving. The phrase “seeing is believeing” is not always true, but in this situation I’d beg to differ. Seeing yourself so close to the end is only going to motivate you to push through the tough parts! It would be harder to throw in the towel when times got tough when you know you’re over half way through your steps.

Give yourself a pep-talk:

This may seem silly but we all have to bring our inner kids out from time to time… Look at yourself in the mirror and say “Hey, I got this.” And boom… you feel amazing. Believing that you’re able to get through these steps and accomplish you’re goal whether it’s not or small, is a major mile stone. You have to have faith in yourself because in the end the best way to motivate yourself is you. Having the best state of mind.

Try these tips and give me feedback in the comment section below! Remember you have to ability to accomplish anything you set your mind too and don’t let anybody tell you differently!


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