20 Facts About Me

§  Any obsessions? I am addicted to coffee

§  Favorite color? Any shade of pink, including black

§  Any Pets? I am natural born dog lover, I have three fur babies

§  Coke or Pepsi? Coke

§  Role Model? Definitely my older sister! And my bff

§  Relationship status? I am currently in a relationship

§  Where do I see myself in five years? Done with school and working as a PA

§  Righty or lefty?  Lefty

§  Tattoos? I have one, but that’s just a start

§  Three words to describe me? Caring, Simplistic, Easygoing

§  Favorite Food? Domino’s pepperoni pizza, never gets old

§  Tv Shows: Grey’s Anatomy

§  Fears? Spiders and snakes… I know, basic

§  Something I bring everywhere I go? Gum

§  Best gift ever received? An avocado…. thanks

§  Extrovert or Introvert? A combination of both

§  Height? 5’11, pretty tall for a girl

§  Favorite social media? Snapchat, the puppy filter won me over

§  How would you describe your style? It changes depending on my mood… but a mixture of soft grunge, boho, and basic

§  Organized? YES! I that person who makes a list for everything

§  Why did I start my blog? To find individuals who I relate to, help with daily struggles by giving life tips, and giving out motivation/inspiration where it is needed


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