Summer Essentials 2017 

Hello lovely's! With summer finally here I felt like I'd share a list of essentials to rememeber during this summer, from your stylish outfit to your summertime makeup necessities. In my opinion, here are some of my favorite summertime essentials: Fashion Necessities Off the shoulder tops.  If you do not have one in your closet,... Continue Reading →


How to Motivate Yourself

We all go through a time in our lives when the thought of accomplishing anything simply seems impossible. You know what you need to complete but the steps to achieve it are sometimes confusing and overwhelming? Yeah me too. We all encounter the stump in our lives every now and then. But don't fret ,... Continue Reading →

20 Facts About Me

§  Any obsessions? I am addicted to coffee §  Favorite color? Any shade of pink, including black §  Any Pets? I am natural born dog lover, I have three fur babies §  Coke or Pepsi? Coke §  Role Model? Definitely my older sister! And my bff §  Relationship status? I am currently in a relationship... Continue Reading →

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